Mum lets three-year-old daughter dye her hair – and the results are jaw-dropping

When it comes to getting our hair done, we can be quite particular about the cut, colour and style.

We trust our hairdresser implicitly and wouldn’t let just anyone go near our precious locks.

But one mum recently decided to do something very brave.

The parent, known only as Amy, let her three-year-old daughter, Gracie, have a go at colouring her hair, transforming her shoulder-length ‘do from blonde to purple.

Amy filmed the entire process, showing how her daughter hilariously applied the dye, making sassy comments as she did so.

Her video has since gone viral, being watched over 12 million times and garnering over two million likes.

In the clip, Amy sits in a chair, wearing a plastic cape to protect her clothing.

Young Gracie can be seen wearing plastic gloves as she picks up a brush and dips it in the bowl of hair dye.

She then paints it on to sections of her mum’s hair, saying: “Wow, you look so pretty… somehow.”

Gracie goes on to add that her colouring looks “good enough”, which is obviously just what everyone wants to hear when they’re getting their hair done.

At other times in the video the child can be seen rubbing the colour into Amy’s hair with her hands, twising strands around in her fingers and even dumping the entire colour bowl on her mum’s head.

But those who watch the whole thing to see the end result are bound to have their jaws drop.

The mum’s hair actually looks amazing when it’s finished – and several hairstylists even took to the comments to agree and say how impressed they were with Gracie’s work.

Amy captioned the TikTok video, writing: “My three-year-old has become my new stylist. I don’t think she will let me do my own hair ever again.”

One person commented: “You better tip her good.”

Another said: “Okay coming from a cosmetologist she actually did amazing.”

“Hairstylist approved,” proclaimed a third.

Someone else replied: “She’s hired… no, she owns the salon!”

A different user asked: “Is Gracie taking new clients?”

“How does it look so good? She is soo smart,” added a different user.