Woman mortified after posting photo of wine glass without noticing reflection

A woman celebrating her honeymoon was left mortified when she posted a photo of her wine glass to Instagram but failed to notice the reflection in the glass.

TikTok user @Jnenifer uploaded a video in stitches of contagious laughter as she said: “Oh, how’s my honeymoon going?” before sharing her embarrassment – and the hilarious clip has been view more than 1.5 million times.

Jenny had posted the photo to social media to celebrate tying the knot with her other half, but it wasn’t until she received a message pointing out the mistake that she realised she had exposed far more than she intended.

Pouring herself a much-needed glass of wine to recount the story, Jenny explains: “I accidentally posted a picture on Instagram of my wine glass and I was naked. 74 people saw my cooter. That’s 74 people and my husband’s mum too many.

“A girl messaged me and was like ‘hey, I don’t know if you care but you can see yourself in the reflection of the wine glass’. I was like ‘I care so much. I literally care so much. Thank you’.”

After the clip went viral, Jenny posted a follow up video asking her husband what he thought about her ‘accidentally posting the wine glass photo’.

He responds: “I feel like it er, you know, fits your personality,” before describing his new bride as “fine and clumsy”.

The video left viewers in stitches, as one said: “I was already crying laughing then when you said ‘I care SOOO much’ I just about died.”

A second wrote: “I love your ability to laugh it off. Your laugh, smile, and positivity is contagious. Better to be famous for spreading smiles than for being a Karen.”

And when others asked her to blur the photo and share it so they could see how bad it was, Jenny replied to say: “Ya’ll I literally can’t even bring myself to look at it in my camera roll again hahaha.”